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How to get the Mimic’s Veil in the Elden Ring?

How to get the Mimic’s Veil in the Elden Ring?

How to get the Mimic’s Veil in the Elden Ring?


Elden Ring is one of the most popular games that one can play right now. Conclusion: There are many items that the players can use by themselves, and also it would help them clear some levels of the game easily. Players know that the game gets difficult sometimes, but it can be easier if they have the right weapons and skills to defeat the bosses. There is something different in each skill, which makes them more unique than the other ones. The most demanded among them is the Mimic’s Veil. 


It is not that easy for the players to get the Mimic’s Veil in the game. This also comes under one of the hardest encounters the players have to do in the game. But in the end, they would be receiving the Mimic’s Veil, which is much more helpful to the players while defeating the bosses. Players who have received the Mimic’s Veil know how difficult it is to get it. But this is the most useful thing the players can get in the game. This allows the players to mimic any object kept near them and is also an easy way to trick the enemies.


A total of 6 FP is consumed when the players use the Mimic’s Veil. Therefore, it allows the players to be similar to any object near them, and also, they will be able to mimic that object. There are a variety of objects from which the Tarnished can cosplay anything which is near him. It can either be a tree and can also be a statue. However, it is not that easy for the players to get the Mimic’s Veil in the game. Some of the players can acquire it without any issues at the start of the game, while others have to go through some of the hardest encounters to make that happen.


Video Guide to get Mimic's Veil


Rampart Tower Elevator

The best way the players will be able to receive the Mimic’s Veil is through the Rampart Tower Elevator. It is not only the best but also the fastest way in which the players will be able to get the same. The sequence of steps which the players need to follow for the same are as follows-


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  • First of all, the players need to head towards the Rampart Tower. Once they have reached there, they have to look for the Elevator. It is not that difficult to locate the elevator, and it can be easily done. The players have to move to the north of the Stormveil Castle, and therefore they would be able to find the elevator without traveling much distance. Once the players have reached the same, then they will be able to find a room where many Armed Key Master is.

  • Now comes the most important part of the game. The player would have two choices; either they have to fight against the enemies or run past the enemies. The second option is a better alternative if you are under-leveled in the game and want the Mimic’s Veil as soon as possible. If you are leveling your characters up in the game, then it is strictly decided to run past the enemies, and it might also keep you safe further in the game.

  • The players now have to move straight, and when they turn comes, they have to choose the right turn undoubtedly. This would help them to reach the place where they will be able to find two enemies. But the players can’t run past them this time, and they have to fight. These enemies would have red hoods, and they would be waiting for the player. Therefore, it is not that easy to trick the enemies this time.

  • Players won’t face many difficulties in taking the enemies down, and they can proceed further. Once they are done, they would have to climb another set. This set would further lead them into a room with two things; a Banished Knight and a chest. There would also be numerous empty chairs all around the room and one long table.

  • The players will now have the main aim to defeat the Banished Knight. If they are successful in doing so, they will be able to access the chest. This chest would be rewarding them with the Mimic’s Veil.


This is the best way a player can get the Mimic’s Veil.