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RPG Games which have Realistic graphics

RPG Games which have Realistic graphics

RPG Games which have Realistic graphics

When it comes to great video games, most people have their own personal preferences. Some enjoy the thought of living as an inhabitant of a fantasy world; others prefer the thrill of competitive sports and deep immersion in the world of competitive gaming. Still, others enjoy games that allow for a combination of these and more. In this article, we'll explore some of the top options for getting your daily dose of adventure and fun, whether you prefer massive multiplayer online role-playing games, strategy games, fighter games, or something else entirely. If you're a gamer who likes the immersion that comes with an RPG, there are a lot of games out there for you. You can immerse yourself in a fantasy world, or one set in the future, or another that's based in reality. The best way to get immersed is to let go of your own perspective and take on the role of someone else. If there's a game you've had your eye on but aren't sure if it's for you, try these five titles that may convince you to join the ranks of real life role players!


1. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a new upcoming title from Sucker Punch, who also brought us the Infamous series. It promises to be a historically accurate samurai adventure, placing you on the island of Tsushima during its occupation by the Mongols in 1274. The game focuses on stealth and combat, but is intended to be an immersive open-world experience where you can get lost in exploring your surroundings. The graphics are incredibly realistic and detailed, and you'll feel as if you've stepped back into history as you battle through this gorgeous era.

This open-world action/adventure game is set in 13th century Japan at the time of the Mongolian invasion. Traveling from your home island to the capital city of Kyoto, you'll be immersed into this ancient culture that's full of rich history and political intrigue. Plus, who doesn't want to play as a badass samurai?


2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that takes place in the future, in a world where technology has gone beyond what people could possibly imagine. From flying cars to cybernetic implants to computerized people, this game has a lot to offer. Its title is an amalgamation of two different genres- cyber punk and role playing games. The latter means that gamers are able to choose their own character and develop it throughout the course of the game, which makes this RPG stand out from other games of its genre. The former means that players will be able to take part in an immersive story involving gangs and violence.


3. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Odyssey is a wonderful example of the perfect balance between realism and fantasy. The game has set its historical focus on Greece, with a map that contains a number of different cities, villages, and other landmarks. You play as either Alexios or Kassandra, two members of the Spartan branch of the Assassin order who must struggle with their family's history while helping to stabilize Greece. The story is rich with Greek mythology and includes characters like Heracles, Odysseus, and Socrates.


4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An immersive, open-world RPG set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia, where you play as a humble blacksmith's son whose village was ransacked by bandits. Go on to fight with the armies of Europe for control of the Holy Roman Empire. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single-player role-playing game that immerses you in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. The game features historically accurate, real-world setting and a nonlinear story told from multiple perspectives. It is designed mainly for your PC and MAC but also available on PS4, XONE, and many other gaming platforms.


5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is so immersive because it lets you do whatever you want to do. You can live in a city, or you can live out in the wild. You can create your own paths, and make your own story. The game follows a linear narrative, yes, but within the context of that story, each player has total control over what they do and when they do it. It's up to them to decide if they want to stick with the overarching storyline or veer off into their own adventures.