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What's new in Minecraft 1.19.50 Beta?

What's new in Minecraft 1.19.50 Beta?

What's new in Minecraft 1.19.50 Beta?


Minecraft for Android is getting a major update today, with the beta version of Minecraft Bedrock hitting Google Play and the iOS App Store respectively. But what does this mean for PC players? The first thing to note is that while the Bedrock version of Minecraft on mobile devices is now available, it doesn't come with all of the features that you would expect from a full release of the game.


For example, it doesn't have the full ability tree system, which allows players to customize their characters' abilities in different ways across different worlds by choosing from a wide range of options depending on their needs and preferences.


It also won't be getting any new updates until Mojang's latest version of the PC version is released later this year, so there's no reason for PC players to switch over yet if they don't want to wait around until then or even get an Xbox One controller instead — unless they want to play on mobile devices as well!


New Features:

The first thing we added was a new tier of enchantment books, which are now available in the enchantment table GUI. If you have an enchantment table that can enchant items with these tiers, it will display them in the list of options when you press "Enchant Item." We also changed how tooltips work for items that had tooltips before — they'll now show the full text of the tooltip instead of just a partial one. And we've added a quick action for friends who want to play together, which you can find by pressing "Play Together" on your friend list.


Update Preview

Minecraft Bedrock beta is now available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10! The update includes all of the new features from Minecraft Bedrock Beta 1.19.50 as well as a number of bug fixes and tweaks to improve your experience in this test build of Minecraft: Bedrock Beta. Minecraft Bedrock Beta 1.19.50 was released recently, so this patch only addresses issues that have come up since then:


New Features


Inventory UI has been updated with a new design for sorting items by category, such as armor and tools. This allows you to easily find what you're looking for without having to scroll through everything at once!


The inventory menu now includes a new sorting option that lets you filter items by type (armor, tools). This is useful if you want to find an item quickly but also want to see everything of that type in one place.

The Minecraft Bedrock beta has been updated to and includes a bunch of fixes and tweaks as well as some new features. The latest update is available now for everyone who has purchased the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop or Windows 10 Store. This patch also brings some new features to the game including:


New NPC dialogue for villagers, wolves and mooshrooms.


New lighting system for caves.


New “miscellaneous” block types including stairs, torches and sandstone fences.


Better snow texture at low render distance settings (ramps).


Torches in Nether biomes will now work correctly with the new lighting system.


Bedrock Beta is the new way to play Minecraft. It's available on all new, Android, iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs.


We're excited to be able to share with you what we've been working on since the release of last week! The patch includes some bug fixes and improvements for the Bedrock Beta server, as well as a preview for upcoming features in 1.20, like Raids and Challenges!


We know you're excited about this update so let's go over the details below:


The Bedrock Beta server has been updated with some bug fixes and performance improvements for better stability for those playing on the beta! We've added a notification system to help players stay up-to-date with all community events such as giveaways and other announcements!