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Sonic Frontiers trophy All Achievements Guide

Sonic Frontiers trophy All Achievements Guide

Sonic Frontiers trophy All Achievements Guide


Sonic Frontiers is a game that has no difficulty setting. You can choose to play either with or without an achievement guide, but if you do choose to see the guide, you'll find that there are no trophies for this game. There are only three achievements in this game, and they are all quite easy to get. You can also find all of the secrets in the game, so you'll be able to unlock these achievements as well. Sonic Frontiers is a game with a lot of trophies, and they're easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for. Thankfully, we've broken down all the trophies and how to get them.


Achievement How To


Beach Babe – Earn 100% completion in the "Beach Babe" mode.


Blue Team – Earn 100% completion in the "Blue Team" mode.


Big Spender – Spend 1,000 real money in the shop.


Bolt from the Blue – Collect all 50 bolts from World 1-1.

Bounce Back – Complete Act 2 on Hard difficulty without dying once.


Breakaway – Escape from Prison Island on Act 2 by completing 3 levels without dying once (once per level).


List of Trophies

Before starting off with all the achievements in the game, it is necessary for the players to know more about the trophies which they must claim to achieve the same. Let us now have a detailed look at the list of trophies which the players would be able to acclaim from the game very easily.


There are two types of trophies in Sonic Frontiers: Daily Trophies and Weekly Trophies. Daily Trophies are displayed at the end of a day, while Weekly Trophies are displayed on Saturday and Sunday.


Daily Trophies:


The player has completed a daily challenge (20 minutes)


The player has used weapons efficiently (20 minutes)


The player has performed a perfect run (20 minutes)


The player has completed a campaign mission (20 minutes)


The player has won a battle (5 minutes)


The player has destroyed all enemy buildings in battle mode (10 times)

The player has defeated enemies with the help of the shield power-up 10 times in battle mode. There is a huge selection of trophies for Sonic Frontiers. The game features over 100 different PS trophies, along with a few Xbox One and Switch trophies. The first thing you must do is create an account on the TrophyNexus website. This will allow you to see all of the available trophies in the game, as well as see how many you have unlocked so far.


You can also find some additional information about each trophy by clicking on it. This will provide more details about how to get each one and what needs to be done to unlock them. The trophies in the game are a little different than those of other games. The trophy system is based on the player's performance in the game, and not simply how much money they've spent. There are also trophies for completing certain tasks, like beating a level or getting a gold star on a stage.


All players will receive one bronze trophy for loading up the game and starting it up for the first time. All players will also receive one silver trophy each time they reach a new level in the game. Bronze trophies are awarded after every second level completed, while silver trophies are awarded when players reach 50 levels completed per zone.


Gold trophies are given out once players earn 10 stars per zone, with each star being awarded after reaching a new level in that zone. Silver and gold trophies can be obtained by completing special challenges that appear at random times throughout each zone. The trophies are based on the amount of time that you have spent playing the game. You can check your trophy progress by going to the main menu and choosing "Trophies."


There are four categories:


Bronze - Play time at least 25 hours (1/2)


Silver - Play time at least 100 hours (1/3)


Gold - Play time at least 250 hours (1/3)


Platinum - Play time at least 500 hours (1/3)