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Download FREE Gems and Passes Free on Episode App 2022 No Human Verification 

Download FREE Gems and Passes Free on Episode App 2022 No Human Verification 

Download FREE Gems and Passes Free on Episode App 2022 No Human Verification 

I love it, and I need to go further. Seriously, Episode? Have free passes but can not move forward, Course there are only two choices- 29 gems for one dress, or 29 gems for another dress( I got only 13 and do not suppose I will buy gems to advance in the story) Is anyone differently being forced to buy gems in the middle of the story?? either make u hold on 11 hours to read the following chapter if you elect not to??? I need new games. 

I utilise this Gems Jewel and ‘n’ number of Pass Generators to get Free infinite Gems Jewel and Passes. Occasionally it takes 2 – 3 passes to yield the Gems and passes but else it works well enough and is easy to use. You just need to follow the simple way. If you're interested you can check it out from the link.

Occasion is an intuitive mobile liar platform where stories are moreover composed by the composing group at Occasion or by the factual players. Players can pick colourful types of motifs going from Closeness, love, riddle and drama. They can produce their own icon, foster relations and pick colourful scenes and consummations as the story line advances. Some popular stories that people enjoy to play in the game are Demi Lovato path to fame, Enough little prevaricators, Love on fire, Rule swell, Love life, kiss list, blood lust and numerous more. It's a great app 

Dear players, I really like this game. Originally, this way I can exercise my language, and secondly, there are a lot of stories for any kidney. But, a veritably big debit, the passes are restored for a rather long time, I've to stay for 2 hours. Please make them recover a little briskly. I just want to go through further occurrences. Thank you. It is truly amazing, I like to design characters because I am an artist." not really"

Click on the below link to get yours: Episode - Gems & Passes


STEP 2: Which device are you using Android or Apple?

STEP 3: SELECT Episode Passes & Gems 

But the thing that bothers me is the passes, they're really hard to get cuz like you have to complete all the operations to just get 50 passes or 100 passes but to buy clothes in the charge it's like 125 passes and where do we get the 125 passes? TO COMPLETE THE Charge!!! This is really delightful when you have nothing to do but the only thing is you have to stay 2 or 3 hours for another pass