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Should you buy Akula in GTA Online?

Should you buy Akula in GTA Online?

Should you buy Akula in GTA Online?


GTA Online’s Akula, the first free DLC for GTA Online, is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The expansion adds a new weapon and vehicle to the game, as well as new clothes and tattoos as well as a new radio station. While this is a welcome addition to GTA Online, it also raises some questions about whether it’s worth buying. The Akula is a jetpack-equipped helicopter that can be purchased from Warstock or Catalina respectively. It costs $1 million and features two seats, which can be filled with any two players.


It also has three different modes: standard flight, aerial assault mode and rocket attack mode. Rocket attack mode allows you to launch an attack on enemies with rockets while airborne; aerial assault mode lets you swoop down on your enemies with machinegun fire while they are still in their cars; standard flight lets you fly around in any direction at any time and pick up items or shoot other players if they get too close to you.


The Akula is a low-end, mid-range vehicle that is available to all players. It has excellent handling and acceleration, with a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). The Akula is popular among players due to its low price tag and relatively efficient performance. The Akula can be considered an alternative to the Quadster or the Yakuza, as it’s more affordable and can be purchased at any level of play.

The Akula comes in four variants: Standard, Deluxe, Prestige and Super Sport. Each variant has different performance specifications depending on the level you choose to purchase it at.


Is the vehicle worth buying?

The Akula is a very fast, powerful and agile helicopter that can take you to any part of the map. This helicopter has a range of 300 meters, which is enough for it to fly over all types of terrain. The Akula is one of the most popular vehicles in GTA Online and you will rarely find yourself without one in your garage at any given time. However, this helicopter does have some disadvantages that you should be aware of before buying one for yourself.


The Akula is a very good helicopter to have in GTA Online, but there are some disadvantages. First, it has limited payload capacity, so it's not as good for carrying passengers. Second, it's less stable than other helicopters; this is because it doesn't have a tail rotor. Third, the Akula can only carry two players at once and only one passenger can ride in the front seat. Finally, it only has one gunner position and you can't take out enemy players while they're shooting at you!


However, all of these things can be worked around by having a friend drive the helicopter while you're in the back seat firing weapons or holding onto something heavy like an RPG launcher and throwing grenades at enemies. If you want to buy an Akula on your own without having to play with friends then make sure you get one with a heavier engine because that will help balance out the weight distribution between front and back seats.

The Akula is a very fast helicopter, but it can't take much damage. It's best used for evading pursuits or moving around in big groups. The Akula lacks armor and can be destroyed easily by weapons like explosive bullets, rockets and missiles. It's also easy to shoot down with weaponized cars like the Enus Super Diamond or the Zirconium Cheetah. The Akula is also slow compared to other helicopters like the Super Drop Ship, which makes it easy for players to spot if you're using one in a mission or on the streets of San Andreas.




It's a fast helicopter, it's good for escaping, it has a lot of health and armor, you can use a lot of weapons and ammo in it, the jumping is great, you can use a lot of weapons and ammo in it.




It's heavy and takes time to get used to controlling it. It also has no way of dealing with other helicopters if you are chasing or fighting against them.