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All you need to know about PMPL Pakistan Spring 2022

All you need to know about PMPL Pakistan Spring 2022

All you need to know about PMPL Pakistan Spring 2022


The roadmap of the next PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) has finally begun. All teams from different regions have now started playing against each other at regional tournaments. Only the best teams among them would advance for the PMGC and represent their countries in the same. Today, PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Pakistan Spring 2022 has finally started. All the great Pakistani Esports teams would now be facing each other for the next few days.


The tournament has been divided into two halves this time again, as usual. These two phases would be the League Stages and then the Grand Finals. Therefore, all of the teams would be giving their best in the league stages to ensure that they would have reached the Grand Finals. The matches of the League stages will go on till 10 April and have already started from today. Once the League stages' matches have ended, the teams would be given 3-4 days of rest. After that, the top teams would be competing against each other at the Grand Finals. The top teams from the Grand Finals will make it to South Asia Championship.


Participating Teams


Tournament format

If you have been watching PUBG Mobile Esports for a long time, you would be aware of the tournament format that would be followed. First, the teams would be facing each other on the weekdays. Then the teams which show the best performance during those matches will advance themselves to the Super Weekends. These Super Weekends would then be played between the top teams to determine which team would be on the top. Therefore, the final points table will be taken from the points accumulated by a team during the Super Weekends.


Twenty teams would be participating in the tournament. These teams would be facing each other at the league stages, and then they would also ensure a good competitor to each other. These teams have further been divided into a total of five groups which have four teams in each group. There would be three weeks of weekdays followed by Super Weekend of each week. All of the teams would further be trying their level best to be on the top after the end of the tournament. The top teams from the tournament will advance themselves for the PMPL South Asia Championship 2022. 


PMPL Pakistan 2022 Schedule


Participating Teams

Let us now look at the list of teams that have been qualified for the tournament and would be playing the league stages. So, the list of teams are-


1. SALTxi8 Esports (Invited)




3. FMxR3D Esports (Invited)


4. TmwEsports


5. Quantum Rage


6. 52xRage Esports


7. Free Style


8. Team H2E


9. Quraysh Esports


10. Team TUF


11. Team Star


12. The Grounders


13. Team Qwerty


14. MetershotxSKY Esports


15. XGeneration


16. Magnus Esports




18. 3x Esports


19. North Esports


20. 4VxTFD


These are the total teams playing the league stages of the tournament. The top teams among them will advance themselves to the Grand Finals of the tournament. The three teams invited to this tournament are invited from the previous tournament. Hence, it was way too beneficial for the underdogs and helped them perform well and showcase their skills.


Fans would again have many expectations with Team Qwerty, who came out to be the winners of the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Pakistan. They have been dominating other teams for a long time and have high expectations set for themselves during this tournament. R3GICIDE also performed their level best which helped them come to the second position in PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Pakistan.



This tournament has a prize pool of 1.85 crores of Pakistan Rupees which is equivalent to $100K. Hence, all the teams would have their eyes on the prize pool as the team which secures the top position would be getting the most. Moreover, there would be exciting giveaways for the fans in which they can participate and win exciting prizes. The team which secures its first position in the tournament will receive $8000, the second position team will receive $5000, and the team which ends the tournament at third will receive $4000. Along with that, the Most Valuable Player of the tournament would be receiving $1000.