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Best Epic Cards of August Royal tournament

Best Epic Cards of August Royal tournament

Best Epic Cards of August Royal tournament


The developers of Clash Royale bring out new tournaments to the game at frequent intervals. These tournaments help the players to enhance their strategy skills and get a lot of rewards. So, the developers have launched another new tournament to the game this time. It is known as the August Royal tournament and the players are giving their best to ensure that they are able to end the tournament among the leaderboard rankings. But that would definitely not be easy as the players require a good deck along with a good strategy.


They can make strategies among themselves but a good deck is difficult to choose. There are many cards in the game which differ in their rarity. The rarity in which they occur are Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. There is also one Champion tier which the players can purchase by spending diamonds. A perfect deck has a perfect balance among all of these cards. Here we would be having a look at the best Epic cards which the players should have in their deck for the August Royal tournament. These cards have the power which makes them different from the other Epic cards in the game.



Bowler is probably the most used Epic cards in the game. Players would be able to unlock this card when they reach Arena 13 and it is known for the damage range it has. If the players use Bowler along with an anti-air troop, then it would be way too easy for them to take out at least one of the enemy's towers. It costs 5 elixir to the players so that they would be able to deploy the Bowler into the battlefield. The best part about this character is that it pushes the enemies back making their attacks slow.


Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is an anti air troop and is known to deal a lot of area damage to the enemy troops. Many players even use it to counter attack enemy troops like Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Musketeers, and more. It unlocks way too early and when the players would have reached Arena 2. It just costs 4 elixir to the players to deploy this insane troop over their enemy's bases. Many players also prefer using Baby Dragon as a defence attacks for many other troops like Mini Pekka, Mega Knight, Dark Prince, and much more.



Although Executioner is an Epic Card, it is still rarer than the other cards present in the game. If you have an Executioner present in your deck, it would be easy for you to take down fights and get the victory. Executioner is having high damage and high hit points which make it among the most powerful characters in the game. This card launches an axe which comes back to him creating a boomerang. This axe also deals area damage which can take down a large number of troops without any issues. The Executioner is capable to deal a total of 448 damage through it's one hit.


Goblin Barrel

This is probably the best Goblin cards which the players would be able to unlock in the game. It is more like a Spell card rather than a troop card as the players would be able to launch it directly towards the enemy's towers. Players would be able to unlock this Epic Card when they reach Arena 3. It just costs three elixir to the players so that they would be able to deploy Goblin Barrel over the enemy's towers. Also, the players must ensure that the enemy can encounter it with Zap, Lightning, and Fireball. So, use this card if the enemy has used all of the spells.



Witch is probably the most underrated cards in the game. The players would be able to unlock the same when they reach Arena Level 5 and it has a total of 1110 hitpoints due to which the players prefer other Epic Cards over the same. But Witch spawns skeletons which take the care of the troops on the ground. Therefore, Witch can damage both Ground and Air troops.