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Resources which you should farm in Minecraft

Resources which you should farm in Minecraft

Resources which you should farm in Minecraft


There are various things which we can do in Minecraft. It includes mining caves, hunting for mobs, farming and much more. And we all know the most important elements in a Minecraft survival world are the resources. Without the resources, it is difficult for the players to survive in their world. Players have taken out a number of ways in which they are able to get abundant items of resources whenever they need it. The best example for the same is creating farms which would be providing the players with an infinite source of the specific resource.


But there are many things which the players need to obtain as resources. And we all know, that the Minecraft developers add things to the game which genuinely helps the players in their world. The players must know how to use the resources correctly then they would be able to take out the most of it. There are a number of things for which the players would be able to create farms and get the most out of it. Here we would be discussing about the farms which the players can build in their Minecraft Survival World. 



It might seem odd to the Minecraft players as most of them do not use Gold in the items they craft. We all know that Gold is not much useful while crafting tools. But Gold helps the players to make Golden Apple and Golden Carrots which are a lot helpful to the players providing them with extra health and sometimes also with some effects. So, the players can build a Gold Farm through the Zombified Piglins in the Nether. When the players create this farm in the Nether roof, they would receive gold nuggets as a mob drop.



Wood is probably the most used item in the game and the players obtain wood first whenever they start with a new world. Although players advance to the Iron and Gold Armor soon but Wood is mostly used for crafting all of the basic tools in the game. Most importantly, the players are able to craft chests in which they can keep all their loot safe from the mobs or the other players on the server. So, the players can create a wood farm where they would be growing, cutting, and mining trees. It would also provide them with saplings and apple which are way too useful.


Experience Points (XP)

Experience Points help us to know how much the players have advanced in the game. Along with that the XP points unlock enchantments which help the players in many aspects. It is not easy for the players to earn a lot of XP every day because of which the players also create XP farms for themselves. The players can create XP farms near the Hostile mob spawners which would help them to earn unlimited XP points and mob drops. This is probably the best and most used ways in which the players would be able to make XP in the game.



Iron is the most useful resource in the game as it helps the players to craft many resources. After the Minecraft 1.19 update, it is not easy for the players to mine Iron because of which they consider making an Iron farm for themselves. This farm can be made easily near a village where there are a minimum of 20 villagers. The players will use Iron Golem as an active source of Iron for their survival. Iron Golems would spawn automatically and will also be killed through the farm which would help the players get infinite iron for their world.



Food is the most important thing which the players would need in their Minecraft world. Without food, it would not be easy for the players to survive in their own world. So, Food farms are probably the most important farms which the players should build in their Minecraft world. The players just need a couple of seeds along with an infinite water source which would help them to water the seeds and make them ready to harvest. Also, the players should keep a place where they will store all their food items.