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Best Rare cards for August Royal tournament

Best Rare cards for August Royal tournament

Best Rare cards for August Royal tournament


Recently, the developers of Clash Royale have launched a new tournament for the players. They have been launching new tournaments at frequent intervals so that they are successfully able to maintain the interest levels of the players. Currently, they have brought out the August Royal tournament in which the players who would be ranked at the top would receive the maximum rewards. So, all the players have one main aim and that is to be the best of them all and improve their strategic skills. The developers have confirmed that only the top 100 players of the tournament would receive exclusive rewards.


The top 100 players would receive a legendary emote along with the top rewards of the tournament. So, it is necessary for the players to have an equal balance of all types of cards in their deck. The card rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Champion. The players would be able to unlock the Champion level by spending a total of 500 gems for the same. Here we would be having a look at the best Rare cards which the players should consider having in their decks. The best rare cards for their deck are as follows-


Hog Rider

He is known to be one of the best rare cards which any player could have in it's deck. This card has a great speed due to which it is neatly impossible for the enemy to take it down until it chooses to stop. Hog Riders mainly target the enemy towers or the defense towers deployed by the enemies. Along with that, they deal more than 400 damage through their one single hit due to which players even drop other high rarity cards to put Hog Riders for their battle.



If you also face problems taking down hordes of ground troops then you should consider using a Valkyrie in your deck. This card is capable to deal a lot of area damage due to which the players use it to counter enemy troops like Barbarians, Skeleton Army, and much more. If the players use an anti-air troop along with Valkyrie like Baby Dragon or Wizard, then they would be able to take down one of the enemy's towers without any issues. Valkyrie has more than 2500 hitpoints due to which it takes time for the enemies to take it down.



Wizard is the best rare card which the players would be able to unlock when they reach Arena Level 4. This character deals a high amount of damage due to which the players can prefer using it over the other troops. The maximum damage which it could deal to its enemy troops can be near to 400 due to which the players can use it as a support to troops like PEKKA, Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, and much more. If the enemy has deployed a swarm of troops like Musketeers, Skeleton Army or the Minion Horde, the players need not to worry if they have a Wizard.


Inferno Tower

This is the best defense card which the players can use in their base. It is mostly used by the players to provide a lot of damage to the enemy troops which have a high amount of hitpoints like Mini Pekka and more. It just costs 5 elixir for the players to deploy an Inferno Tower to protect their base. Moreover, the Inferno Tower is capable to deal a maximum damage of 2810 to the enemies. This amount of damage is enough to take down the strong troops deployed by the enemies to take down your towers.



This is known to be the strongest rare card of all time. It unlocks in the early arenas and is probably the favorite rare card for all the players. This character is capable to deal a maximum damage of 955 because of which the players consider it as a great attacking unit to take down enemy towers. But the players must also have a support troop along with Mini Pekka like Baby Dragon, Wizard and more. If the players have deployed both of them, it would be making a deadly combination for the enemies.