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All you need to know about F1 2022

All you need to know about F1 2022

All you need to know about F1 2022


If you are a fan of car races then you would be a lot happier when you will hear that F1 2022 is about to be launched soon in this year. This time again the game is being developed by Electronic Arts who are known to make the sports games at their best. Also, this would be the second game of the series so it means that the developers would be making a few improvements before they will be able to make the final launch of the game even more successful than the previous version.


The developers have revealed many things about the game even including the release date of the same. It has been confirmed that the game would be launched on July 1 which is much closer to the other games which had been released during the last few years. The game would be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PC, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One and Xbox series X/S on the date of launch. It also seems that these would be the only platforms on which the game would be available to. All of the F1 championship fans are way too excited for the game to launch.

It means that the developers would now have to be extra cautious through which they are able to get the expectations of the waiting audience true. The announcement for the game had been made a few hours ago and since the announcement, the topics related to the game have taken over the web. Through the unveiling of the game, players have also noticed that the developers have made many fresh changes to the game through the new version. It would be interesting to see all the changes that had been made by the developers to the game in order to make it interesting.


About the game

The developers of the game had revealed a video which seemed like a short trailer of the game. In that video, the players saw a car which also depicted the rules and regulations of the Formula 1 racing that had been launched or renewed in 2021. But unfortunately the developers did not reveal any new content of the game which they have put forward to the game. It looks like the developers would be slowly revealing the important information which is related to the game before it gets launched. It would be interesting to see how realistic the developers have made the game look.

It can also be said that the developers have increased the options of race weekends and also added some aesthetic features to the game. These aesthetic features make the game even far more interesting for the fans. The developers have also confirmed which game modes would be available to the players when the game gets launched. These game modes which would be available to us are My Team, Career Mode, Split Screen. Along with that, they have also confirmed to have added compatibility with VR for all the PC gamers to make the game more interesting.


Players can use the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift in order to play the game with their VR Headset. There is a new mode which has been added to the game and this mode is known as the Sprint Races. This mode was included in the 2021 season of Formula One because of which the developers have included it in this version of the game too. In this game mode, the players would have to race on Saturday as it is a part of Race weekends and the best 8 players out of the same would have a Sunday morning race.


Another new thing which the developers have added is the new racing track for the players. Now the players will also be able to play on the new track named as Miami International Autodrome. So, players would be able to flex their cars and attire on the racing track. Unfortunately, the story mode of the game would not be returning this time but the players expect the developers to release the same soon. The developers have also opened the pre-registrations of the game and the players can get some additional rewards through the same.