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GTA V alternatives for PlayStation 5 users

GTA V alternatives for PlayStation 5 users

GTA V alternatives for PlayStation 5 users

GTA V is currently the best open-world and role-playing game which any individual to play right now. This game is available on a number of platforms and the developers of the game have been working to expand their platforms every now and then. Rockstar Games who are the developers of GTA V had been successful in creating a loyal fan base for their games which has been helpful to them to help GTA V get an initial boost. Games like GTA Vice City and also GTA San Andreas were helpful enough for the developers to get a loyal game audience.


When GTA V was launched in 2013, many players loved it because this game is among the most active games now. But the players are now waiting for GTA 6 regarding which they are receiving hints through the Internet sources. Even the developers of the game have also revealed that they are working on a new game but it doesn’t officially reveal that the game would be GTA 6. There are a number of games that the players can have similar to GTA V on their PCs but it becomes difficult to look for games like GTA V when it comes to consoles. Here, we would be having a look at the games which are similar to GTA V and also available for PlayStation 5 users.


Red Dead Redemption 2

This game has also been developed by Rockstar Games because of which no one can deny the fact that Rockstar Games produce the best open-world games for us. In this game, the players have control over the story of John and Arthur which has been made by the developers in a magnificent way. Earlier this game was only available for the PlayStation 4 users but then Rockstar Games have made it compatible even for PS 5 users through backward compatibility.


Watch Dogs: Legion

If you are a fan of the Watch Dogs series which has been persistent in the gaming market, then you would have played this game. The developers have made a lot of improvements in this version of the game which makes it even far better than the first two versions of the game. The reason why this game is more popular is that in this game, the players have to explore London and also hack it away. Along with that, the developers have given a futuristic look to the game due to which some players prefer playing it more than playing GTA V.


Cyberpunk 2077

This game had created a lot of hype among the players before it had been launched. The developers of the game added many new concepts which had even made this game much more different than the others. But the only thing which the players loved a lot about this game is the storyline as it is always filled with twists and turns through which the players have to go. When the game was about to launch, the developers made sure that they had created a positive hype among the players for the game. 

Assassin's creed Valhalla

Assassin's creed has been one of the most popular game series and it has been constantly publishing new games in the era. The Valhalla game of the series is probably known as one of the best games which the Assassin's creed fans could ever play. When the players will start playing this game, they might not find any similarities between Assassin's creed Valhalla and GTA V. But as the players would be spending some more time on the game, then they will get to know about the similarities between both of them.


Far Cry 6

This has been the most awaited game which has been launched towards the end of the year 2021. The developers of the game made considerable efforts through which they have also been able to make this game even better than the previous game series which have been launched. Along with that, the developers made the map of this game much bigger due to which it is now the largest map title which has been launched till now. Also, this game became the highest selling in the year 2021.