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Unknown facts about Minecraft Jungles

Unknown facts about Minecraft Jungles

Unknown facts about Minecraft Jungles


Minecraft is the most played game all over the world till now and the reason behind the same is that the developers are constantly working to make the game even more interesting. They have added a lot of biomes and structures to the game and almost all of the things which they added to the game have been discovered by the players. Biomes are one such thing which determines the amount of loot which the players could get from an area. Jungle biomes are among the most demanded and rare biomes in the game. All of the biomes have something which makes them more different than the other.


Jungle biomes are different from the others due to a variety of reasons. These biomes are way too diverse which makes exploring them even more fun to the players. But there are many important things which most of the players do not know about the Jungle Biome. These things are either so rare or the players have not been able to notice the same even after getting used to it. Players find different varieties of trees and mobs in this area which cannot be found anywhere else. This makes this area more unique than the other existing biomes in the game. Here are some things which you did not knew about the Jungle biomes-


Jungle Temple

We all know how rare it is to find a Jungle Temple in the game and in case you are lucky enough to find it, there are traps set everywhere which would stop you from looting the things present inside the temple. If the players show some carelessness while looting the chests, then these traps are even capable of killing the players within a second. Therefore, it is important for the players to safely loot all the chests and they will get a good amount of loot.


Huge Trees

This is something which the players would have seen in the Jungle biomes but would have never noticed how rare it is to find them. There are big trees which the players would be able to get in the Jungle biomes and these trees are not possible to be found in any other biome of the game. The best thing which the players love about these tall trees is that they even have vines on them through which the players would be able to get on top of it easily. It can also be a great hiding place from the mobs.


Jungle Mobs

There are many mobs which can be found in the game, some being commonly found and some being rarely found in some biomes. A few mobs are even present in the game that are limited to the specific biomes. In this way, players would also be able to get a whole unique variety of mobs in the Jungle biomes. These mobs include Parrots, Pandas and even the Ocelot. The only thing which the players love the most is the adorable jungle version of the cat which can be only found by the players in the Jungle Biome.


Cocoa Beans

Minecraft has many crops which the players can farm and many players did not know that Cocoa pods are among those things which can be used for farming. The reason behind the same is that these seeds are so rare that it can only be found in the Jungle biomes but it is used in a lot of recipes in the game. The cocoa pods are grown on the trees which are present in the Jungle Biome and the players can then harvest the same to get Cocoa beans. These beans can be used later to craft cookies.


Jungle Variants

It is not that the developers have added only one type of jungle to the game. They have added many types of Jungle biomes which means that even if you have found one, you also need to figure out the rarity of the type of Jungle Biome which they have found. These types of Jungle biomes are way too different from each other in many aspects. Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills are among the rarest Jungle biomes which any player could find in the game.