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Minecraft Guide to find Enchanted Golden Apples

Minecraft Guide to find Enchanted Golden Apples

Minecraft Guide to find Enchanted Golden Apples


Enchanted Golden Apple is a rare item in Minecraft that can be used on other players to give them the same effects. In order to get this item, you need to find an enchanted golden apple block. This block is located in the Nether and it can only be found by using a player or being killed by another player. When you find an enchanted golden apple block, you need to right click it with any tool. After doing so, you will be able to get an enchanted golden apple in your inventory.


To use this item on other players, place it in your hotbar and then press “use” key (default: “E”). The enchanted golden apple is a special item that you can get in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It has a small chance to drop from enchanted creepers, and it can be used as an ingredient in brewing potions. You can find the enchanted golden apple in your inventory after you kill a creeper. You will see that it looks like a regular enchanted golden apple, but it has some different properties than other enchanted apples.

The enchanted golden apple does not have any effects on your health or hunger, so you can eat it at any time without gaining any effects from eating it. You will also not receive any damage from eating one of these items either. Find an enchanted golden apple (golden apple + enchanting table) in Minecraft 1.19. This is a very easy way to get a golden apple and it's not as expensive as buying one off the store.


1. Go to your inventory and place the enchanted golden apple you want on the table.


2. Place the enchanted golden apples you want on the table, then press "Enchant".


3. You should now have an enchanted golden apple with a red background!


Enchanted Golden Apple Guide

The Enchanted Golden Apple is a Hardmode, post-Golem enchantment item that can be used to enchant any type of armor or weapon. They have a duration of one day, and sometimes require multiple uses to fully enchant an item. Enchanted Golden Apples are dropped by spectral enemies such as the Spectre, Skeleton Pirate, Soul Raspberry, Shadow Bat, Shadow Slurper and Spectral Knight.

While mining Minecraft 1.19, you can find enchanted golden apples in structures or chests. These are delicious, but they have one strange side effect: they'll harm you when you eat them. They're a bit like the amethyst and emerald ores, which also cause negative effects when eaten. Enchanted Golden Apples are found in the Nether and the End, as well as in strongholds. They can be harvested and sold for 5 gold each.


Enchanted golden apples are a type of fruit in Minecraft. They can be found in villages and woodlands, but not on trees or other surfaces. They can be eaten raw or cooked into bread or used as a part of crafting recipes. Enchanted Golden Apple is a tool for Minecraft 1.19. It adds the Enchanted Golden Apple to your Minecraft world, which can be used to give you instant XP when you use it.


Enchanted golden apples are a type of golden apple found in the Bedrock Edition. They can be found in jungle biomes, but they are more common in taiga biomes. The enchanted golden apple's texture is a translucent stone, which is how it behaves when consumed. Enchanted golden apples have a rare chance to drop upon breaking, and do not stack with other items in the inventory.


Enchanted golden apples are animated while they are being eaten. This can include: turning into a skeleton, burning up into cinders on fire (or even dropping down to the ground), or exploding into many small, glittering objects that float around the area for a few seconds before disappearing.