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Guide to get Glowing Armor in Destiny 2

Guide to get Glowing Armor in Destiny 2

Guide to get Glowing Armor in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you'll have access to a bunch of different armor sets for your Guardian. These sets are unlocked by completing certain tasks and finding pieces of armor in the game. There are also special items that can be used to unlock new pieces of armor, called Engrams.


The first step is to find the piece of armor that you want to make into a specific set. You can do this by exploring planets, completing quests, or defeating certain enemies. Once you've found it, you'll need to open it up and equip it on your character for the first time.


Once you've opened up your new piece of armor and equipped it on your character's frame, head over to the vault menu in Destiny 2 and select "armory". Select "Engrams" at the top of the page and then click on "Loot", then select "Exotic Upgrade". You'll see a new option appear called "Glowing". Click on that option and choose either using an Exotic Upgrade Token or using an Engram from another game (such as Destiny).

Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 is the first major expansion for Destiny 2. It was released on December 4th, 2021 and has been available for purchase ever since.


Solstice is an enormous expansion with a ton of new content to explore. This includes a brand new campaign, raids, and even a new game mode called Supremacy that allows you to play in teams of three against AI opponents.


One of the best parts about the expansion is that it's available right now on PC. If you haven't played Destiny 2: Solstice yet then this guide will help you get started playing quickly!


How to unlock all Solstice glows in Destiny 2

 In Destiny 2, the Solstice of Heroes event is a great time to earn some extra loot for your Guardian. Whether you're a returning player or just trying Destiny 2 for the first time, here's how to get all of the glows.


Glowing Emblems


The first step is to collect The Solstice of Heroes emblem, which is earned after completing seven different activities during the event. These include gaining reputation with four different factions, completing missions and defeating bosses. Once you've completed this task, head to EDZ and speak with Matoya on Mars to start collecting Solstice glows.

Solstice Glows


Once you've collected all seven emblems, head back to EDZ and speak with Matoya again. This time she'll give you the Solstice invitation card. Take this card back to Io one last time and speak with Matoya once more. She'll tell you that she has prepared something special for you: a special chest containing some goodies! Open this chest up and collect all three items inside, including one item that's not listed in her description:


How to unlock the white glow for armor pieces

There are several ways to unlock the white glow for armor pieces. The first way is to use a summoner spell, such as Flash or Teleport. To do this, you must first have completed the quest "Song of Sorcery." If you haven't completed this quest yet, then you should go back and complete it now. Then come back here and continue reading the guide.


When you're done with that, head over to your Summoner's Rift map and click on one of your teammates' names in blue text (the player who is currently on your team). From there, press E and select "Summoner Spells" from the summoner menu. This will bring up a menu where you can choose which Summoner Spell(es) you want to use.


Choose whichever one you want to use (Flash or Teleport), then click on it again so that it becomes highlighted and ready for use. Once this has happened, head back over to your lane and wait for them to call out for help from their allies before doing anything else!


Most armor pieces have a white glow on them. You can unlock this glow by equipping the armor piece, then holding your finger on it until the white glow disappears. This will make your armor look like a normal piece of gear instead of an armored version.