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BGMI new RP Season begins

BGMI new RP Season begins

BGMI new RP Season begins

BGMI C3S7 Month 13 Reward, BGMI C3S7 Is Here And It's A Great Time To Start Taking Advantage Of The New Reward System they've Been Working On For Months.


If you haven't already heard about it then you'll be happy to know that we have finally released the new reward system for players who have been playing BGMI C3S7 since it's release. This system is called "BGMI C3S7 Month 13" and it's designed to give players extra rewards for playing during the month of October.


When you log into your game each day during this month, you'll see a new type of icon appear next to your character portrait in the upper right corner of your screen. This icon will tell you how many days left until the end of the month and also provides an easy way for users to check their current level and rank within the game.


BGMI C3S7 Month 13 reward points is a type of treasure that can be obtained from the BGMI C3S7 monthly mission. Reward points can be used to purchase the items below. You must complete 3 tasks in order to earn reward points for this month's mission. The first two tasks are completed by completing your daily tasks and the last one is completed by completing your weekly tasks.

How can BGMI users get C3S7 Month 13 Royale Pass?

 As it is a limited time offer, you will get your Royale Pass before the end of July. The Royale Pass gives access to all the features and content available on BGMI. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store and login to your account to see if you already have a Royale Pass. If you do not, please follow the steps below.


If you already have one, go to "My Account" in the app's menu and tap on "Your Royale Pass". You may activate it with one click and save $10 off your next purchase**


 The C3S7 Royale Pass is a monthly subscription that gives you access to all of the C3S7 show content, including the live events, subscriber-only exclusives, and more. To get your first month of the Royale Pass, simply purchase any one (1) month at a time.


If you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the current membership term, we will refund you for any unused portion of your current membership.


The C3S7 Royale Pass is available to all BGMI members. You can get the pass by logging into your account and going to My Account > Royale Pass. The Royale Pass is not active until you have purchased it. If you do not purchase the pass before the end of the month, it will be removed from your account at the end of that month.


Rewards which the players can obtain

The C2S6 Royale Pass is now available for purchase in the BGMI Store, and it includes a special reward for everyone who signs up for the Month 12 Royale Pass. The new reward is a Royalty Point Booster, which will be sent to all players who have purchased the month 12 pass.

The booster can be used to instantly add one more point to your account's royalty pool. Each time you use the booster, you'll receive one extra point towards your total, and this will continue until there are no more boosters available. The new C2S6 Month 12 Royale Pass introduces significant rewards for all players.


All players will receive a free Crown Chest when they log in, which gives you a chance to earn more rewards. Chests can be opened once every 24 hours, and contain valuable items such as EXP Boosters and Diamonds. These chests can be purchased with real money or obtained through other means.


The Royale Pass also introduces two new chest types: Crown Chests and Golden Chests. These chests are available exclusively to members of the Royale Pass, while Premium Members can purchase them with in-game currency.


Crown Chests are available in limited quantities each day and contain one of several different items depending on the day's featured event. Golden Chesters are available in unlimited quantities each day and contain one of several different items depending on the day's featured event.