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Achievements which are hard to get in Genshin Impact

Achievements which are hard to get in Genshin Impact

Achievements which are hard to get in Genshin Impact

The lands of Teyvat are vast, and within them you can find many challenges to test your might. However, some of these challenges are more difficult than others, which means that the rewards for overcoming them are greater as well. While achieving all of the below achievements is not possible for most people at this point in time, it can be fun to review what's possible so far in Genshin Impact and dream about one day unlocking every last achievement in the game

Soaring Businessman

To achieve this rarest of achievements, you'll need to reach level 100 in all four classes. That's right: level 100! The rewards for achieving this will be huge, and you'll be able to reap the benefits for years to come.

Here are some tips that can help you get there faster:

  • Complete all quests in the game. This will unlock abilities and other perks that can help your journey through each class' leveling process.

  • Have all the best gear—leveled up appropriately—for each piece of equipment on your body (head, torso, arms, hands). You can find out what items are available at which levels by visiting our Item Database page here on our site; we've also provided links below each item so that you know exactly where it is located within Mondstadt's world map!

  • Learn all skills from any trainer who teaches them (you'll know they're good trainers when they have green icons next to their names). Check out our Skill Trainer Database page here on our site if you ever need help finding one near where yo

Oh Just Give Up Already!

The Oh Just Give Up Already! achievement is a bit of a hidden one. You can only unlock this achievement if you defeat at least 10 Verus and then use a teleport. The teleport will activate automatically, taking you to the original area where the battle began. If you defeated all 10 Verus in one go and teleported back, the achievement will unlock automatically.

If you have any questions or concerns about this guide or Genshin Impact itself, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]

Adeptal Duelist

Adeptal Duelist

You must win 10 battles against a player who is at least 5 levels higher than you, or 10 battles against a player who is at least 5 levels lower than you. If you’re having trouble finding players in the same level range as your character, try going to an area that has a lot of players logged in and waiting for someone to join your party. This way, you can have some time to prepare before fighting them!

The Archon Wannabe

  • You first need to reach level 50 before you can attempt this achievement.

  • Once you're level 50, go to the Archon's Challenge mode in the Archon's Sanctuary map (it’s on your left as soon as you enter).

  • In order to unlock this achievement, all four players in your party must have a full inventory of items (no space remaining), and they must start at the very beginning of their respective trials:

  • For Warrior Trials: They must complete every step of each trial without dying or leaving until they reach The Portal at the end of each one; these portals lead directly into Sesserak’s Trial room where he waits for them; once inside his room, these warriors will confront him while he is asleep on his throne - which means he cannot attack during that time but will wake up when they enter his quarters! This is why it’s so important for warriors not only finish their own trials but also help out other warrior guild members finish theirs too!

Anemo Archon's Champion

This is the most difficult achievement in the game. You must have a high level character, a full set of Anemo gear and be a member of the clan. In addition to this, you must be in party with at least 5 other players. The only way to get this achievement is if another player sets it up for you or you join an existing Anemo party as an invited guest (you cannot create your own).