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GTA V becomes the best seller in the UK

GTA V becomes the best seller in the UK

GTA V becomes the best seller in the UK

Rockstar Games have been achieving a number of things because of their game GTA V. Although, it has been a time since the game has been launched but the players still love playing it with the same enthusiasm. The game has recently broken another record by becoming the best seller game in the United Kingdom. Earlier, this title was in the hands of one of the most popular games played all over the world, the Elden Ring. The developers of the game, Elden Ring did not have many expectations of the success that the game has achieved today.


They made a lot of efforts to make their game one of the best by adding some critics so that people find the game interesting to play. As a result, more than 12 million copies of the game have been sold since the game has been launched. But recently, this game has been dethroned being the most sold game in the UK and GTA V has now taken up the lead. It is definitely not that people’s love for Elden Ring has been faded but it is just that their love for Grand Theft Auto V has increased to a great level that now cannot be matched by Elden Ring.

The report for the same has been recently provided by GSD. It stated that GTA V has now taken over Elden Ring to become the best seller game in the United Kingdom. During the GSD UK Digital Top Ten, Grand Theft Auto V had successfully secured the first position. This event had ended on 20th March 2022. In the process of GTA V moving to the top, Elden Ring also moved down from the first position to the second. Now, the developers of Elden Ring would have to do something through which they will again be able to secure the first position and become the best seller again in the UK.


GTA V overtakes Elden Ring

We all know that most people love playing GTA V on their PS and Xbox consoles. Because of this reason, most of the total sales of GTA V belong to PS4, PS5, and also Xbox series S and X. These consoles contribute to a total of 97% of the total digital sales of GTA V that has been done in the United Kingdom. Out of these, 55% of the sales belonged to the PlayStation 5 consoles and 35% belonged to the Xbox Series X and S. 


The remaining 6% of the sales were those bought by the PlayStation 4 console users and 1% of the sales belonged to Xbox One users. Out of the total sales, only 3% of them were belonging to the PC version of the game. The developers of GTA V have played a vital role to have most of the sales of the game on PlayStation 5 consoles. The reason behind the same is that the price of the game on PlayStation 5 is approximately half the price of what it is in the Xbox series X and S. 

But, this would not have been made possible in case the Sony and Rockstar deal would not have taken place. Therefore, Sony had also played an important role in increasing the sales of GTA V worldwide. The deal between these companies was just for three months but it was way too beneficial for both of the companies in terms of money and achievements. Now when the players will purchase GTA V on their PlayStation 5, they would be getting GTA Online free of cost. Moreover, GTA V was not the only game of Rockstar Games that has been included in the list.


Another game of the developers that have been included in the list is GTA Online. This game had secured the third position. It also means that both of the games produced by Rockstar have now sandwiched Elden Ring. Moreover, GTA Online secured the third position only on the basis of Xbox Series X and S as the digital sales of PlayStation 5 have not been counted for the same. If they would have been counted, then there were high chances that Elden Ring would have been shifted to the third position. But, Elden Ring is still the best seller game worldwide.