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Medieval Destiny Game Review

Medieval Destiny Game Review

Medieval Destiny Game Review

There are a variety of video games which are available to us. These games belong to different genres and not everyone has the same genre attraction as others. But if you are fond of playing survival games then you should be looking forward to Medieval Destiny. This is one of the best survival games that one should try and also this is an open-world survival game that has been the top-rated survival game ever. This game has been a combination of many games which have been loved by the players for a long time. The best thing is that this game lets the players build their own stories.

The developers of the game are Render Cube and they are known in the industry for developing great survival games in earlier times also. Their game, Medieval Destiny has been a part of the best survival games. The game starts off simple as the player begins his journey which is way too similar to that of other games. But the changes come when the player has to take up the role of a caretaker and also ensure that he takes care of his family too. The developers have worked a lot on the game but definitely, they need to improve some parts of the game to make it even more interesting.

Game Review

The story of the game, Medieval Destiny is way too interesting and also develops a curiosity among the players to play it further. This story follows the character of Racamir who escapes from his town. The reason why he escaped from the town was that his parents were killed and also his house was burnt down in a war. By this, we can get to know that the developers have set the game to the old European times. So, to ensure that Racamir is safe, he runs to a nearby village with the hope that he would be beginning a new life there.

Fortunately, the player is able to have good relations with the caretaker of the town. The caretaker of the town is also a player who took over the duties to be the caretaker of the town after his uncle had died in the war. The player has to roam with the caretaker which will open up their part of the game, i.e., to take care of the town themselves and do whatever they feel like would be the best for the town.

The developers have made this game a Sandbox game so that the players are able to decide their routes by themselves. So, make sure you think a lot before taking any decision in the game. Although the storyline plays an effective role in helping the players to choose the right decision, it is still the players' choice to do whatever they want in the game. There is one thing that the developers have not properly worked upon in the game and that is the voice conversations. These conversations were not acted properly in the game which often seemed awkward to the players sometimes.

The voice acting is not as bad as the players could think but sometimes it gets too annoying when you have to go through long texts to understand what is going on in the story. The map of the game has been the best thing that the developers have worked upon. They created a lush and vegetation map through which the players will be able to hunt down the prey and also kill their hunger. Along with that, the character models which have been designed in the game sometimes feel surreal to the players. Also, the developers have not made this game much complex so that the players can play it without issues.

The main aim of the game is to survive and also create a living. First thing which the players have to do in the game is to create a household for themselves and then cultivate a farm which will prevent you from sleeping hungry at the nights. Later on, the player becomes the caretaker of the town and now he has to control the town in whichever way he wants. But the game also expects the player to do things for the well-being and development of the town.