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PMPL South Asia Finals Day 1 standings

PMPL South Asia Finals Day 1 standings

PMPL South Asia Finals Day 1 standings

The first day of the grand finals of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia had ended on a remarkable note. All of the grand final teams gave their best performance to show some aggressive matches to the fans during the day. The team of Deadeyes Guys came out to be the most dominant team throughout the day as they ended up at the first position with a total of 69 points in the six matches. Along with that, they also grabbed a total of 31 eliminations which helped them to clinch the top position. Now they would have to maintain the same level of gameplay further.


Jyanmaara Esports were not able to perform well in the league stages but showed their level best in the grand finals which helped them to take the 2nd position by the end of the day. They are currently having a total of 68 points in the table. The third position is currently being held by the team of IHC Esports as they are having a total of 67 points. There is a very minor difference between the top three teams in the grand finals which further makes the remaining days of the tournament even far more intense.

Trained to Kill which is among the fan favourite teams also showed a great performance but a few average matches dropped them to the fourth position. They are having a total of 64 points and would be looking forward to having the top spot in the remaining days. Fans also had many expectations from the performance of the team of Stalwart Esports as they are among the most aggressive teams all over the world. However, they ended the first day of the grand finals at the 5th position with a total of 62 points. Seal Esports had a great league stages but currently they are standing at 6th position in the grand finals.


Match Highlights

The first match of the day was won by the team of Deadeyes Guys. They were able to get the win with a total of 11 kills. This match helped the team by giving them an initial points boost. Team Raw secured the 2nd position as Charisir was able to take a good fight against the other teams. Skylightz Gaming came third in this match after being eliminated by Deadeyes Guys.


The second match of the day was being played on the deserted map of Miramar where the team of High Voltage started showing their domination. Therefore, they were able to finish the game with a total of 9 kills. Their final fight against the team of Trained to Kill came out to be one of the most intense fights during the game where Trained to Kill were not able to make it. So, they ended at 2nd position with just one elimination.

The team of Trained to Kill showed their patience and domination in the third match of the day and finally secured a win. The team had secured a total of 8 kills during the game which showed their dominant performance. The Deadeyes Guys again had a great game and they ended up in 2nd position. However, the team of High Voltage gave a good fight, they were not able to persist in the game and ended at the 3rd spot. 


The team of Stalwart Esports showed their domination in the fourth match where they won with a total of 14 frags. They secured a total of 29 points alone in this match which helped them with a major jump in the points table and moved them to the third position.


The fifth match of the day was secured by the team of Jyanmaara Esports. The team showed a passive gameplay and did not go for kills due to which they were only able to get 6 eliminations. IHC was able to play well and frag heavily due to which they secured the first spot in the points from the game.


Now, it was time for the final match of the first day. This match was won by the team of DRS Gaming as they played strategically without going for kills. However, this time again IHC secured good amount of points which helped them to be on the top in the points table of the match.