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Minecraft features that should be removed

Minecraft features that should be removed

Minecraft features that should be removed


Minecraft is one of the oldest games ever released and it has been almost 12 years since the game has been launched. It is still among the names of the most played games all over the world. The developers of the game have been updating it at regular intervals through which they have launched many new things to the game. There are tons of things that have been changed from the first version of Minecraft to now. Players are so fond of playing the game because they get to do something creative in it every now and then.


Also, the numerous game features have enabled the players to enhance their creativity and complete the game. But unfortunately, there are some features in the game that should be removed or receive some changes. We all know that since Minecraft was launched for the first time, all of the things which have been introduced to the game have been launched due to some reason. But it seems that Mojang has not yet decided what would be the benefits of some new features which have been added to the game a few updates before. If Minecraft improves these game aspects or even removes them, the game can be even better. 


Amethyst Geodes

All of the structures which the players find in the game have some use in some form or the other as they help the players to get some loot for their speed runs. But that is not the truth for Amethyst Geodes which have been launched in the game a few months ago. This was launched by the developers in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update and the players can use the Amethyst to craft shards from the same. Also, there are not many crafting recipes in the game which are related to Amethyst due to which it can be said that the developers need to improve the same.


Phantom Mobs

Players get irritated sometimes because of the mobs in the game especially the Phantom mobs which have been launched to the game during the Aquatic update. These mobs only attack those players who have yet not slept for more than 3 day in-game. The only benefit these mobs provide is that the players are able to repair their elytra through the material which they get by killing it. Another thing which the players don’t love regarding this mob is that it mostly attack the players when they are building something which sometimes results into wrong placement of blocks.


Knowledge Books

This book has been added to the game a few updates before and the players cannot find it in the form of loot obtained from chests. It is so rare that the players can only obtain it through commands. But unfortunately, this book is not available in the Bedrock version of the game which means that only Java edition players would be able to get the same. The only use which this book has in the game is that it tells the players which things they can craft with the materials that are available to them. 


Curse Enchantments

Another thing which needs to be removed from the game is the Curse enchantments which were released during the Exploration update of the game. This enchantment is different from the others as it gives negative effects to the players who use the same. But many players even use these enchantments to troll their friends in the servers but otherwise it is definitely of no use to the players. The developers can either add a few more types of curse enchantments to the game or they can remove the current one as many players do not like it.


New mechanics related to Combat

The developers have added some new mechanics to teh game which are related to the combat of the game. There were a number of changes which they have made but the melee weapon changes which they have made even made the players sad. Earlier the players were able to do attacks at a good speed but after some updates the developers hav reduced the speed in which the players would be able to attack.