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Unlocking the 'First Of' Mobs in Minecraft Legends: A Guide

Unlocking the 'First Of' Mobs in Minecraft Legends: A Guide

Unlocking the 'First Of' Mobs in Minecraft Legends: A Guide


In Minecraft Legends, building up a powerful army is crucial for survival in the game. The wide range of mobs available for recruitment offers a diverse set of benefits that can be tailored to suit individual playstyles. The Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie are classic Minecraft creatures that players are familiar with, but the assortment of golems takes things up a notch. These golems are not just any ordinary mobs; they are "The First," a group of golems that played a significant role in shaping the world before falling into a deep slumber.

The First are powerful allies that players can recruit into their army, offering unique and formidable benefits that can make all the difference in battle. With their aid, players can take on tougher enemy strongholds and break through their defences far more easily. But unlocking their full potential requires players to track them down and awaken them from their slumber. The process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

To awaken The First, players need to locate one of them in the game world. These golems can be found at some of the question mark icons on the world map, much like the different mounts and relic towers scattered throughout the Overworld. Once located and investigated, players will unlock the ability to build a new improvement at the Wellspring called "Wake The First." This improvement allows players to approach and awaken the dormant golems by spending the requisite resources, which vary from one golem to the next. For example, awakening the First of Oak requires 500 Wood, while awakening the First of Stone requires 500 Stone.

Once awakened, The First can be rallied with the banner and commanded like any other mob. Each golem has a unique specialisation, such as the First of Oak's powerful long-range attacks or the First of Stone's building-crushing boulder throw attack. Making good use of The First can greatly improve the army's effectiveness, allowing players to take on tougher enemy strongholds and break through their defences far more easily.

In summary, Minecraft Legends offers players a diverse set of mobs that they can recruit into their army, with each offering unique benefits and utilities. Among the most formidable allies available are "The First," a group of golems that players can awaken from their slumber to gain powerful aid in battle. Although the process of awakening them can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, the rewards are well worth the effort. With The First by your side, you can take on even the toughest enemy strongholds and emerge victorious.


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One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft Legends is the ability to build and customise your army with a wide variety of mobs. From classic Minecraft creatures like the Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie to powerful golems like Iron, Snow, and The First, there's a mob for every occasion and every playstyle.

However, The First are truly unique among all the mobs in Minecraft Legends. These ancient golems were created during a time of great upheaval and chaos in the Overworld, and their power and abilities are second to none. Each of The First has a specialised set of skills and abilities that can help players overcome even the most daunting challenges and obstacles.

To unlock The First, players must first locate them in the game world. This can be done by searching for the question mark icons on the world map, which mark the locations of The First. Once players investigate and unlock one of The First, they will gain access to the "Wake The First" improvement at the Wellspring.

This improvement allows players to awaken the dormant golems by spending the necessary resources, which vary from one golem to another. Generally, players will need 50 Gold and 500 units of another material, such as Wood for the First of Oak or Stone for the First of Stone. Once awakened, players can rally The First with their banner and command it like any other mob.

But what makes The First truly special are their unique specialisations. The First of Oak, for example, boasts tremendous long-range attacks that can decimate enemy mobs from a safe distance. The First of Stone, on the other hand, can demolish enemy buildings with its powerful boulder throw attack. And these are just two examples of the many powerful abilities that The First possess.

By utilising The First in battle, players can take on even the toughest enemy strongholds and break through their defences with ease. These golems are particularly effective against the Piglin Hordes, which are among the most challenging enemies in Minecraft Legends. With The First by their side, players can quickly and easily conquer Piglin forts and other challenging locations.

In addition to their combat abilities, The First can also help players gather resources and complete other tasks more efficiently. For example, the First of Iron can gather iron ore at a much faster rate than a human player, while the First of Snow can quickly harvest snow blocks for building.


The First are an essential part of any player's army in Minecraft Legends. They offer unique abilities and specialisations that cannot be found in any other mob, and their power and effectiveness are truly unmatched. By locating and recruiting The First, players can greatly improve the effectiveness of their army and take on even the toughest challenges with ease. So if you're looking to dominate the Overworld and become a true legend, then The First are an absolute must-have!


How To Kill Iron Golem In Minecraft



Iron Golems are formidable mobs in Minecraft that can pose a significant threat to players who are unprepared for combat. However, with the right approach and equipment, taking down an Iron Golem can be a straightforward task. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to kill an Iron Golem in Minecraft:

Prepare for combat

Before engaging an Iron Golem in combat, it is essential to prepare yourself with proper armour, weapons, and food. The best armour to use against an Iron Golem is Diamond armour, as it provides the best protection against their attacks. Weapons like Diamond swords or axes are also ideal for dealing damage. Additionally, bringing along a few stacks of food will ensure that you can quickly recover lost health during the fight.

Find an Iron Golem

Iron Golems can spawn naturally in villages, but they can also be created by players by placing four Iron Blocks in a T shape and then placing a pumpkin or jack-o'-lantern on top of the structure. If you cannot find an Iron Golem in a village or you want to create your own, follow the above steps to make one.

Aggro the Iron Golem

To aggro an Iron Golem, players can either attack it or hit a villager within its range of sight. Once aggroed, the Iron Golem will attack the player until either it or the player is defeated.

Dodge and weave

Iron Golems have a slow movement speed, so it is relatively easy to dodge their attacks by moving out of the way. Players can use this to their advantage by strafing around the Iron Golem while attacking it. Be careful not to get too close, as Iron Golems can knock players back with their attacks.

Attack with a Diamond Sword or Axe

When attacking an Iron Golem, it is important to use a Diamond sword or axe, as these weapons deal the most damage to the mob. Be sure to strike the Iron Golem from behind to deal more damage and avoid getting hit by its attacks.

Eat food to heal

If the player takes damage during the fight, eating food will quickly restore lost health. Bring along plenty of food to ensure that you can keep your health up during the battle.

Keep attacking until the Iron Golem is defeated

Continue to dodge and weave around the Iron Golem while attacking it until it is defeated. It will drop several Iron Ingots and poppies upon death, which can be collected as loot.

In conclusion, defeating an Iron Golem in Minecraft requires proper preparation and the right equipment. By following the steps above and using a Diamond sword or axe, players can take down this formidable mob and collect valuable loot.


How To Kill Iron Golem In Minecraft



In Minecraft, it is not possible to tame Iron Golems in the same way that you can tame wolves or horses. However, there is a way to create your own Iron Golem and have it become a loyal defender of your base.

To create an Iron Golem, you will need to gather the following resources:

  •  blocks of iron

  •  pumpkin or jack o'lantern

Once you have these resources, follow these steps:

Place two blocks of iron on the ground, one on top of the other.

Place another two blocks of iron next to the first two blocks, forming a "T" shape.

Place the pumpkin or jack o'lantern on top of the center block of the "T" shape.

The Iron Golem will then spawn and become active.

It is important to note that Iron Golems will only attack hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons. They will not attack players, even if the player attacks them first.

To ensure that your Iron Golem remains a loyal defender of your base, avoid hitting or attacking it as this may cause it to turn hostile towards you.

In summary, while you cannot tame Iron Golems in Minecraft, you can create your own by gathering the necessary resources and following the steps outlined above. This Iron Golem will become a valuable defender of your base and can be relied upon to protect you from hostile mobs.