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Things you need to know about COD Vanguard Multiplayer Trial

Things you need to know about COD Vanguard Multiplayer Trial

Things you need to know about COD Vanguard Multiplayer Trial

Vanguard Multiplayer Trial

Call of Duty Vanguard has been one of the most devastating games ever launched in the Call Of Duty series. Fans have loved this game even more than Warzone and the developers have been working for a long time to make this game even better than Warzone. If you have been waiting to play COD Vanguard for a long time then this is the best time when you should play this game. The developers are offering the game free to play for a limited time span and if you want to have a look at how the game is, whether you should buy it or not then this is the right time.


All of the players have been waiting for this and eventually, the developers have heard what the fans needed the most in the game. The developers have confirmed that the game will be free to play for a total of 14 days which is from 30 March 2022 to 13 April 2022. However, there will be only a few multiplayer modes that would be accessible to the players. So, the players can play the same and it would then be easier for them to judge whether they have to buy the game or not.

The players going for the free trial of the game would be able to play only a few parts of the game. To play all of them and access the full game, they can purchase it any time. But the players must remember that the free trial is only accessible for a limited time. The best thing about the free trial is that the players of all the platforms will be able to have their hands on this trial. Therefore, PC and Console players would be having a whole two weeks to access the game for free. They can access the game and later purchase it if they like it.

Along with that, this is the best time when you should play the game as Snoop Dogg will also be making his debut in the game. Players have been waiting for Snoop Dogg’s debut for a long time. Therefore, Snoop Dogg will now be a playable character in both COD Warzone and COD Vanguard. It is a coincidence that the developers are launching two great things for the players altogether. Moreover, the developers are bringing this as a celebration of the changes which are being brought to the Rebirth Island Map. Let us have a look at the things which would be accessible in the free trial.


Things accessible in the trial


Players must note that there would only be a few things that they will be able to access in the free trial of the game. There would only be a few mixed game modes that players will be able to play in the game. These game modes can be played on the Casablanca and Gondola maps respectively. These two maps are the new ones that have been added to the game during Season 2. So, the players would be enjoying playing these modes.

Along with that, there would be a few things included in the game which have been improved by the developers during Season 2. These things include the new reloaded warfare mode which is The Alps and also the new Arms Race Mode which has been recently introduced to the game again with some improvements. The Arms Race Mode will feature tanks, motorcycles, and many other vehicles and the players have to travel the huge map through any one of them. This is also one of the best modes which have been introduced to the game.

Arms Race Mode is also one of the easiest modes in the game and the only motive of the player in this game is that he has to capture all the bases. Also, the player which gets the most points throughout the game wins the game. Moreover, the players can also choose to respawn at the same base that they have taken over. The bases which have been captured would allow the teammates to enter through the gates and the enemies have the opportunity to blow down the bases by dealing a good amount of damage to them.