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Most popular Minecraft mods for 1.18 update

Most popular Minecraft mods for 1.18 update

Most popular Minecraft mods for 1.18 update


Minecraft is among the oldest and still the most played games all over the world. The developers of the game constantly worked upon the game and bring out new things to the game for the players. Minecraft has changed a lot from the first update to the one which we have now, i.e., version 1.18 update. There are many new structures, biomes, mobs and much more things which the developers have added to the game. But there are a few things which make the players tired of the old gameplay and the old Minecraft graphics. So, the players make mods for the game to improve their game experience and introduce some new things to the game like new mobs. Here we would be having a look at the most popular Minecraft mods to play in version 1.18 update.


Mutant Creatures

Minecraft players have been killing the mobs like Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons for a long time and the developers have not brought much changes to them since they have been introduced to the game. This mod would be helpful to the players as it would bring in the Mutant variations of most of the mobs which are available to us in the game. So, the players have to fight against big creatures making the game even more interesting for them.


More Simple Structures

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, then you would be aware how rare do the Minecraft structures spawn and mostly they spawn hundreds to thousands of blocks away from the spawn. This mod would be adding more structures to the game making it easier for the players to find structures like Desert Pyramid, Jungle Temple, Village and much more. Moreover, the structures which the players would be able to add through this mod would be much more simple as compared to those available to us in the game.


Java Aspects

There are a lot of differences between the Java and Bedrock editions of the game. The Java users are able to enjoy much more things which are unable to be experienced by the Bedrock players. Because of this reason, the Bedrock players have always demanded the developers to bring out something through which they would be able to enjoy the things which Java users could also do. Unfortunately, the developers have not heard the same but the Minecraft modders have brought a new mod to the game for the Bedrock players through which they would be able to get the experience like Java players in their Bedrock players.


More Tools add-on

There are only a limited amount of tools which the players would be able to craft in Minecraft. The enchantments only increase the numbers to a limited extent. Players have been using these tools for a long time and it would be exciting if they get to experience new tools in the game. If you also want to try out some new tools in the game, then you should go and have a look at the More Tools add-on mod pack. This pack would be adding various tools to the game and also it adds a few types of minerals to the game.



We all have played the Vanilla Minecraft sometime in the game. The developers are not bringing much new things to this version of the game due to which it has now become boring for the players. And many of the players have even stopped playing this version of the game. With Furnicraft, the players would be able to craft many new things in the game and it is much better than the Vanilla Minecraft. There are many variations which the players would be able to do through the same.


Furniture Mods

It becomes boring to make houses in the game. There are many things which remain missing and somewhere out Minecraft base looks incomplete without them. The developers of the game have not launched any sort of furniture which the players would be able to place in their bases. The game only has some basic things like bed but the other things like lamp, sofa, Television, etc. are missing due to which the modders have made it for the players. The players can download this mod and place furniture in their Minecraft bases to make it more attractive.