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Best ways to use Bamboo in Minecraft

Best ways to use Bamboo in Minecraft

Best ways to use Bamboo in Minecraft


There are a number of things which are available to the players in Minecraft. Players know that everything which the developers introduce to the game have different uses in some way or the other. But it is not possible for the players to know every possible way in which they would be able to use every item available in the game. The reason being the large variety of items available in the game and also there are many different ways to use each of them. Bamboo is one such item in the game which has a lot of uses.


It is difficult for the players at first to find Bamboo trees as they mostly spawn in the Jungle biomes which are rare. But if they have found a Jungle biome and located the Bamboos, then the player would be able to use it for many different purposes. The developers added Bamboo to the game for the first time during the version 1.14 update. At that time, players did not know the various uses they could make of Bamboo. But now it is among the most versatile items available to us in the game. Players can farm it easily, break it easily and also it grows to a great height. Here are some different ways in which players would be able to use Bamboo-


Bamboo farms are among the most popular builds in the game. Players have started using their creativity with Redstone to create an automatic farm which plants and also breaks the plants when they are grown fully. The requirements for building the same are an observer and a piston. The observer would be placed behind every bamboo stalk which is also provided with a water source. Through this, the observer would be activated automatically and the bamboo would be broken down to be collected by the players.



Another use of Bamboo which most of the players did not know about is that the players would even be able to use Bamboo as a fuel. Although it is not that strong as a source of fuel, the players would be able to use it as a substitute when they have a lack of coal and other fuel materials. Scaffolding which is crafted from Bamboo is even more efficient in terms of being used as a fuel. It is capable of smelting one and a half items through it rather than the one quarter of an item being smelted by a Bamboo.


Breeding Pandas

All of the Minecraft players desire to have a Panda with them as their pet. But unfortunately, Pandas are either way too rare for them to find or if one of them finds them, they do not know how they would be able to breed Pandas. Pandas can be bred easily if the players have Bamboos with them. Although players would be needing a good amount of Bamboo in order to breed Pandas. Also if you have bred a baby Panda with Bamboo, then it would be having a boosted growth which would be faster than the usual.



One of the best things because of which players love Bamboo a lot is that they are able to craft Scaffolding through it. Scaffolding has various strong uses for the players and players have discovered many new ways since the past few months to make the use of Scaffolding even more diverse. Scaffolding can even be used as a more efficient source of fuel in the game as compared to Bamboo. Along with that, many of the Minecraft content creators have shown how one would be able to use the Scaffolding as a source to perform a MLG.



We all know the importance of sticks in the game. But only a few of them know that sticks can even be crafted through Bamboo in the game. Sticks help the players a lot while they are crafting their basic tools or any other thing in the game. They are used in various crafting recipes and also many times help the players to perform trade with the villagers and the fletchers. Players would be needing a total of two bamboo pieces in order to craft a stick.