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Tips to protect your base in Minecraft

Tips to protect your base in Minecraft

Tips to protect your base in Minecraft


Minecraft has always been about protecting your base from the enemies and also your friends on the server. They store numerous things in their base to ensure all of their important stuff which is required to beat the game stays safe from being stolen. If the players have no fear from their friends, then also there are chances that some mobs like Creepers might explode your base. Therefore, it becomes equally important for the players to protect their base in some way or the other. Ever since Minecraft has been launched, players have found out many new ways in which they are able to protect their base from the enemies.


Moreover, if you are playing a Minecraft multiplayer server then you would be aware of the importance of having your base protected from the enemies. It is more common in Multiplayer bases that the players get their base griefed in case they have not protected it through something. Here we would be discussing some of the most beneficial ways in which you would be able to protect your base both from the mobs and also from the real players. Some of the most usual ways to protect your base are as follows-



This is one of the most basic ideas which the players use in order to keep the enemies away from their base. Also through this method, the players are also able to create a trap for the mobs as the mobs are unable to find a way out through the walls. The developers added walls to the game with the idea of having something during the early times of the game to have the players away from our bases. Although this method of protecting the base is one of the oldest , it is also one of the best ways in which any player could protect their base in the game.


Walls are effective in keeping the players and mobs away from the base but they won't be able to keep the players away for long. Therefore, base barriers come in as one of the best alternative methods which many players use in order to keep their base safe. There are many other blocks in the game which the mobs prefer to stay away from. These include lava, cactus, berry bushes, and much more. Therefore, players even prefer using these items to keep their base safe from the mobs present in the game.


Cats and Wolves

It is incomplete when you complete your Minecraft base without any pets by your side. Pets have been one of the best ways in which players could have their protectors and also their companions in the game. Cats and Wolves are among the most common pets which any player could get in the game. It is not that difficult for the players to tame any of these pets. Also, mobs like skeletons, wither skeleton and strays prefer to stay away from those mobs who eat bones to be tamed. If you are a Minecraft veteran, then you would be aware that creepers are scared of cats due to some unknown reasons.



Ever since Redstone has been introduced to the game, the players have been using their creativity with it to ensure that they are able to make the best builds out of it. Many of the famous Minecraft YouTubers have even made Redstone traps which prevent the enemies from entering their bases. These traps look normal and many times you won't be able to guess whether a trap is there or not but once you get trapped, there are high chances you will be killed immediately.


Iron Golems and Snow Golems

Golems have been one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft history and both Iron and Snow Golems are among those creatures which the players prefer to stay away with. You can prefer having Iron Golems and Snow Golems by your home base and they would be ensuring to keep you safe from the mobs and enemies both. So, you won't need to worry about your base if you have put an Iron Golem or Snow to the duty. Iron Golem is the strongest mob in the game and is also capable to kill the players in a single shot if they don't have a good Armor.