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Most difficult challenges ever in Minecraft

Most difficult challenges ever in Minecraft

Most difficult challenges ever in Minecraft

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time then you would be aware of the challenges that players usually take in the game. All of the challenges are way too different from the other making the players choose which one suits them the best. Although there are many things that the players can do in the game the challenges have been introduced to make the game even more interesting. It is not that easy to speedrun the game within a few minutes but it is also not easy to take up some challenges in the game.


There are many challenges that are believed that only the veterans of the game have the capability to complete the same. Many veterans have been setting up some new records for the game to ensure that they still know how to play it the best. In some of the challenges, players choose to survive and make a world in a limited place while in the others, players even choose some tough rules and regulations for their survival world. Here we would be having a look at some of the most difficult challenges which you could probably do in Minecraft. However, these challenges are so tough that only the Veterans have been able to complete them. 


Survival Island

It is not that easy to survive on a small island in Minecraft and it even makes it difficult to complete the game at the same. When the players choose to complete this challenge, they have to make sure that they will be surviving on just an island and are not allowed to go anywhere else. This also means that the players would have to use the resources which are only available on the Island. But unfortunately, there are very less chances that the players find all of the useful resources on just one island which makes this challenge difficult.


Skyblock Survival

This is probably one of the most difficult Minecraft challenges that the players could ever take in Minecraft. In this challenge, players would be spawning themselves in a small land that is floating in the air. The players would have to complete their resources by mining the blocks available to them and when they mine, new blocks would be there in place of the ones they have mined. This even spawns mobs and other creatures but completing the game in this challenge is a lot difficult. The players also have to ensure that they do not fall into the void else they will lose the challenge.


Oneblock Survival

One Block is another type of skyblock survival challenge which had been introduced to the game but this challenge is a lot more difficult than Skyblock. In this type of challenge, the players would be spawned on one single block in the middle of the world where there is nothing around. So, it means that if you miss your step, then you would be falling into the void losing the challenge. Many Minecraft veterans have already completed this challenge and it is more difficult as the players get limited resources.


100 Days Challenge

Another one of the toughest challenges in the game is the 100 Days Challenge. We all know that Hardcore is the hardest game mode that has been launched and it also means that once the player dies in it, they lose their entire world. In this challenge, the players have to survive for a total of 100 days in their Hardcore world which makes it near impossible for many of the players. Minecraft veterans have been great at it and even many Minecraft YouTubers have created a video of them completing the 100 Days Challenge in Minecraft.


Pacifist Challenge

This is the hardest challenge that the Minecraft players would be able to play as in this challenge the players have to ensure that they do not attack or kill any mob in the game. It also means that the players would have to be dependent on the loot they receive in villages or chests for their hunger. What makes this challenge the most difficult is the Ender dragon as it is impossible to defeat the Ender Dragon without attacking it.