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Player creates Fake Cactus in Minecraft

Player creates Fake Cactus in Minecraft

Player creates Fake Cactus in Minecraft


The Minecraft community is a strange place. It can be hard to keep track of what's going on there, but every once in a while a little gem of a story comes along that you can enjoy for days on end. This time, it's the story of an anonymous Minecraft player who created a fake cactus out of bamboo blocks and decided to take it for a ride in his truck. Minecraft is a game where players build things out of blocks and then play around with them. It's not just fun to build things, but also fun to drive and explore those creations in your own way. In this case, the player built his cactus so he could ride it around like we all do with our cars here at Roadshow!


The video showing off this creation was uploaded by YouTube user 'Papa_Eggdrop' and has already been viewed more than 1 million times since being posted last month. The video shows how easy it is to build something like this in Minecraft: just two sets of rectangular wooden planks join together with one long piece of string connecting them all together so they can form into one cohesive shape.


The new "cactus" is made of bamboo blocks, which were used to create a cuboid shape, with a hole at the top for the plant to grow out of. The cactus is placed in the middle of a grassy area, where it will eventually become part of an actual desert biome. The creator also included a layer of dirt, so that when the player digs through it, they get sand instead of clay.

How the Redditors reacted to it?

A Minecraft player recently discovered that bamboo blocks eerily resemble cactus in the game. Minecraft is a block-building game where players create worlds from scratch by stacking blocks, creating bridges and buildings. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times since it was first released in 2011. Recently, a Minecraft player named ByronK posted an image of bamboo on Reddit with the comment: "I think I just found a new feature for the game." He then went on to post a few more images of the same type of block, which looked like cactus.


In response to ByronK's discovery, other users began posting images of cacti in Minecraft — ones that had been created with different blocks and textures. This is not the first time Minecraft players have noticed this. In fact there are many more videos on YouTube of players discovering that bamboo blocks resemble cactus.


It's a fun coincidence to me, but I think it's also a great example of how people can be interested in something even if they don't know much about it. It's one thing to make a video game where you can build anything you want, but another thing entirely when someone makes a game where everything is so precise and detailed that it seems impossible that it would be randomly generated.


The Minecraft community is as vast as it is varied, and one of the biggest arguments in the game is about whether or not certain blocks in the game are meant to be used as cacti. This has been an ongoing discussion, but this user discovered that there is a very definite connection between bamboo and cactus.

The reddit post goes on to say that while they were playing Minecraft, they saw bamboo blocks that looked like cacti growing out of them. They also noticed that these blocks were found at the same height as cactus bushes, which isn't surprising given that they grow from the same kind of seeds. While it's possible that these blocks were just coincidences, it's also possible that they're intentional references to some sort of joke or inside joke within the community. However you look at it, though, we think this discovery deserves some attention.