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Most useful items in Minecraft

Most useful items in Minecraft

Most useful items in Minecraft

Minecraft has a variety of items which the players can use in the game. The main objective of players in Minecraft is to complete the game by defeating the Ender Dragon. However, it is a long process as the players need to gather all the important sources and get the best Armor to beat the boss. The developers of the game have been bringing frequent updates for a long time and they add a lot of content to the game through the same. All the items which are added to the game have it's own uses. But some of them are most important in the game as without them, the game might be difficult for the players to complete.


There are a lot of factors which determine the usefulness of any item in the game. The most important factor which is used to determine the same is known to be the strength of any item. The items which have more strength are considered to be more useful and vice versa. But along with strength, there are many other things which the players should consider like durability, effectiveness, helpfulness in combat, how much helpful it is in healing and most importantly how it helps the players to complete the game. Here we would be having a look at some of the most useful items in Minecraft which the players should not miss.


Compass and Lodestone

Compass is undoubtedly one of the most useful items in the game as it guides the players about the directions through which they would be able to easily navigate to their destinations. But the only disadvantage about using the compass is that they only work in the Overworld. If the players use a Compass in the Netherlands or the End Dimension, they would find out that it has been broken. But if the players use a Lodestone compass, then their compass would be working in all the three dimensions of the game.


Respawn Anchor

There are ways in which the players would be able to respawn themselves in the Overworld. The players can set their beds which would be able to determine their respawn point and respawn them whenever they die in the game. But the players know that they cannot use Beds in the Nether dimension as it would just explode which might kill the players instantly. The developers have provided the Respawn Anchor through which the players would be able to Respawn themselves in the Netherlands. But the players must note that they can only do the same upto 4 times through one Respawn Anchor.



Many players would be aware that most of the mobs present in the game make use of Melee attacks to attack the players. Just a few of them make the use of ranged weapons to attack us. So, it would be better if the players attack these mobs through Bows which are ranged attacking items in the game. This would be helping the players to kill the mobs at a safe distance and they won't be needing to go close to the mobs in order to kill them. This also helps the players to fight against a fray of mobs at a time and also from a distance.


Netherite Armor

Netherite is one of the rarest items which the players can get in the game. Along with that, it also becomes one of the strongest items which the players can use to make their Armor and weapons. It is also capable of providing highly durable items to the players and it's weapons deal a lot of damage to the mobs and bosses. Along with that, the best thing about Netherite is that it has Fire resistant properties due to which it even floats on lava.


Enchanted Golden Apple

Golden Apples are undoubtedly the best food source in the game when the players have to go for a combat. But if the players find an Enchanted Golden Apple, they must feel extremely lucky as they are the rarest items in the game and also the best food source which the players could ever find. These apples are also known as Notch or GoD apples in the game as they provide extra health to the players along with filling their hunger bar and some rare effects like fire resistance, regeneration and much more.