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Best Minecraft maps you should try right now

Best Minecraft maps you should try right now

Best Minecraft maps you should try right now


Minecraft has always been a fun game since it has been launched. The developers have been launching updates at regular intervals which ensure that the game has new things for the players to do. Other than completing the game in normal seeds, there are many other things which the players can do in Minecraft. The developers have designed the maps of the game to ensure that players enjoy it more when they play it with their friends. Previously, there were not much maps present in the game but the developers have introduced a huge variety of maps to the game so that the players something new to do every time they play the game.


But it even becomes difficult for the players to choose which map they have to play. Also, many players are not able to think which map would be the best for them to enjoy while playing with their friends. Here we have brought a list of best maps which you should play with your friends in 2022. All of the maps which have been discussed here are among the most played Minecraft maps and servers. So, the list of those maps are as follows-


Elytra Fall

Using an elytra is one such experience which every Minecraft player loves to have. This map is made for you if you are also fond of using an elytra in the game. The map is being centred by a monument which has a place for the players to fly Elytra. Also, the developers have made some interesting challenges for the players who play this map to ensure that they find it even more interesting. Players need to travel the map with their Elytra and collect the wool blocks which they would be finding along the way. These blocks would also be guiding the players along the way through which they would be able to finish the monument.

Outbreak 2

If you are a Minecraft veteran then you would be aware of the popular Outbreak map which was among the most played maps in Minecraft at that time. This map is another sequel to the same and the developers have made a lot of improvements which make it much more different than the other maps in the game. The players have to explore the city and find the items which would be relating to the unsolved mysteries that took place here. Along with that, they also have to fight the hordes of the undead here together.


A Machine for Piglins

This is another adventurous map for all the Minecraft players where it is important for the players to use their minds over their skills and get a win over it. It is way too similar to the concept of Machine of Pigs map which was also famous by the name of The Dark Descent. There are many games which the players have to complete in this map and also the Parkour rooms present in this map make it one of the best maps which the players should try in the game.


Payday 2: Endgame

As the name suggests, this game is the second sequel to the Payday map and the developers have added many new things to the new version of the map to the players. The main aim of the players is to ensure that they are successfully able to do heists and not lose any one of them. There are a total of seven heists which the players have to do together with their friends which makes this game much more interesting. Along with that, there are a total of 4 players which can play this map together and they can even customise themselves according to the same.



Undoubtedly, Skyblock is one of the most adorable Minecraft maps ever since the launch of the game. It has also been one of the best survival maps which many of the Minecraft veterans have already completed. In this map, the players start their game in an island which is present in the middle of the sky. Now the players have to complete their base on the Island and also they would be getting mobs and other important things to do so.