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Rarest Minecraft Animals in 1.18 update

Rarest Minecraft Animals in 1.18 update

Rarest Minecraft Animals in 1.18 update


Minecraft has always been famous for the wide variety of mobs which the players can find in all of the three dimensions. Some of these mobs are hostile and are present in the game to harm the players and the others are meant for the benefit of players and provide them with the resources to survive. There are a few basic animals in the game such as cows, pigs, and sheeps and on the other hand there are many other creatures like phantoms, ocelots, and much more which are not possible to find in the game. In all it can be said that there is a huge wildlife which the players can find in the game out of which only a few are found.


All of the things which are present in Minecraft have some kind of rarity which depends on their occurrence in the game. This also goes for all the mobs which the players can find in the game. There are not the animals which are rare but it is the type of the animals which make it rare. Here we would be having a look at some of the rare animals to find in Minecraft after the 1.18 update in the game.


Polar Bears

As the name suggests, Polar Bears can only be found in the Snow biomes of the game which itself are very rare to find. Also, the players must note that these mobs become hostile once the player tries to harm them. They can be found in all the Snow biomes and its variants such as Snowy plains, Ice Spikes, Frozen Oceans, Deep Frozen Oceans. These are the places where Polar Bears would spawn for Java players while Bedrock players would be able to get Polar Bears in four more different types of biomes which does not affect the rarity of their occurrence in the game.

Baby Pink Sheep

If you are a Minecraft veteran then you would be aware of how rare the Pink Sheep animal is in the game. Baby sheep is another rare animal variant which is difficult to find and it also makes it way too difficult for the players to find a baby pink sheep in their games. The chances of a baby pink sheep getting spawned naturally in your world is even less than 0.01% making it one of the rarest animals to find in the game. So, if you have found one of them, it is better to keep them safe.


Skeleton Horses

This is another rare animal which can only be spawned when there would be a lightning strike on the horses. These are also known as Skeleton Horses Traps. If a horse gets struck by lightning then it would be spawning a total of four skeleton horsemen which are hostile and would be coming to attack the players. In order to get the Skeleton Horses, the players have to ensure that they kill only the mobs on the horses without killing the horse which itself becomes a difficult task to do.


Brown Mooshrooms

We all are aware that how far away from the spawn do the Mushroom biomes are found. Also, just like any other biome in the game, the Mushroom biome also has mobs which can only be found there. One of those mobs which can be found there is the Brown Mooshrooms which is the combination of cows with Mushrooms. Usually, the players are able to spot only Red Mooshrooms because they have high spawn chances as compared to the Brown Mooshrooms making them one of the rarest animals which you can find in the game. Also these cows won't be giving you milk and instead they provide the players with soup.


Blue Axolotls

Axolotls have been added to the game just a few updates ago and these creatures can only be found underwater and also inside the Lush caves biomes. But the developers have even made a few variants of the Axolotls which are way too different from the others. They have added a total of 5 color variants of Axolotls out of which the Blue Axolotls are the rarest animals which the players can find in the game. Also, finding an Axolotl is itself rare for the players making it difficult to find the Blue Which has the chances of 0.083% to be spawned naturally.